Greetings Dear Ones, and welcome to the worlds of love and light. We are delighted to be here with you in this way, to share consciousness with you in this way. So let yourself now feel our Presence, a presence of love and light all around you and inside you. Allow this warmth, this light, to bring your body, mind, and spirit into harmony with these frequencies. Breathe deeply, and welcome and allow this vibration to bring your energy into resonance with it. Close your eyes for a moment, and notice what is happening inside you and all around you. And feel yourself becoming calmer, more peaceful and content with each passing moment. Breathe in light, fill yourself with light.

Sensing all you can about your experience. Feel the power of light, and if desired, call more light to you. And with each moment, become even more aware of your experience. Let your body breathe as it desires, not forcing it to change or shift; just notice it – its depth, breadth, flow, and notice how it settles into a rhythm that is more flowing, deeper, and more expansive over time as you observe it, without you having to do anything about it. Close your eyes, and observe your breath, experience your breath as if you are breathing for the first time…..noticing the slight flaring of the nostrils, the experience of the breath as it enters the body, and where it goes in the body. Notice all the muscles involved, and a sense of expansion as the breath comes in and a sense of contraction as the breath leaves.

Good and feeling yourself settle, feel yourself becoming more present inside your body. And smile at your wisdom and the wisdom of your body and the wisdom of your breath. Gently tighten your anal sphincter and inhale softly through your nose, feeling the breath fill your body like water filling a vase, from the perineum, up through the lower, middle and upper body. Exhale through your mouth when the body is full, and release any impurities, any stress, any upset, any tension, easily letting go of all that no longer serves you. You need not know exactly what you are releasing; just set your intention to release that which no longer serves you as you exhale. Do so for as long as you sense there is such energy to release, then move on to the next paragraph. Situations in your life may come to mind, thoughts may intrude; easily welcome these and as you exhale, thank them and let them go. Feel yourself becoming light and brighter with each exhalation, until your mind quietens, until the space between intruding thoughts becomes longer and longer.

Good, and notice how calm, peaceful and relaxed you are feeling. Notice the tension in your body has eased, and notice how fluidly your feelings and thoughts come and go, and you have released the need to stop and examine them and judge them or be caught up in their energy. Shift now to breathing in and out through your nose. With each inhalation, fill your body like you are filling a vase with water, lightly squeezing the anal sphincter to better hold the energy in the body – feel the light and vibration of the breath filling your body. As you exhale, through your nose, imagine the fresh, vital, light-filled energy squeezing into all the cells and tissues of your body. Continue to breath this way until your body feels as if it is packed with energy. Scan your body to see if there are any areas that require added attention, and breathe this energy directly into those areas until the area is “full”.

Good, and letting that go and close your eyes now and be your experience. Be the light, the flow, the beauty – whatever it is your are experiencing. And sending your love and gratitude to your body for its ability to assist you in having all of these experiences. And feeling it respond. Feeling the light inside you and all around you, feeling supported by these higher worlds of love and light. Be your experience for as long as you like!

Good, and when you are ready, place one hand over the navel, palm side towards the body, and stack the other hand over it so the palms are aligned, one over the other. Rotate your stacked hands around the navel in a circle 9 times in each direction. Smile, and move on with your day, knowing you are loved and supported on your journey. Feeling the love and light all around you as you stretch, open your eyes, and come fully back into your body.

And with that Dear Ones, we send our warmest blessings of love and light for your journey.

Thank you for allowing us to serve in this way.


Ever-present Light