Integrative Energy Arts was born of a desire to blend western science-based knowledge of the human body with eastern, shamanic, and energetic healing practices to form a holistic lens with which to view health and well-being.  Key to understanding the foundation of this lens are the concepts of balance and flow, and the understanding that the body knows how to heal, if given the opportunity.

The Story of

Caroline Kimoto

My curiosity about wellness and the human body led me to study exercise physiology at the University of Victoria, where I received a masters degree in 1991.  I worked with a spectrum of clients, ranging from chronic pain clients to elite national-level athletes.  As an exercise therapist working with injury rehabilitation clients who were not healing, I noticed the effect of mind, emotions, and spirit on a patient’s recovery.  This fueled a desire to learn about non-physical components of healing, such as psychology, and alternative healing modalities.

Caroline integrative Energy arts


Qigong Classes

Take part in group Qigong classes and instruction led by Caroline Kimoto. Classes are available virtually.

Creating Consciousness

Take your knowledge, energetic skills, and consciousness to the next level.

1 on 1 session

A combination of energy work, channeling, soul retrieval, and/or ancestral healing

“Flowing Water never stagnates and the hinges of an active door never rust…if the body does not move, Jing does not flow. When Jing does not flow, Qi and blood stagnate.”

We Believe In

In a holisitic approach

Good health is the result of body, emotions, mind and spirit flowing together in harmony.