Happy New Year! These shorter days and longer nights are perfect for dissolving your attachments to 2022 and dreaming beautiful dreams for 2023!

As I was writing in my journal this morning, I realized the tail end of 2022 was fruitful in terms of wisdom gained, and I wanted to share what I had learned. It serves me well and I hope you find it helpful in some way, now or in the future.

Many teachers and writers have stressed that our thoughts and feelings create our reality. Others have stated that we must feel as if we have already achieved what it is we desire in order to attract it to us. I wondered how that worked….then I read a book called “The Wisdom of the Council” by Sara Landon, Hay House, and the penny dropped.

When we think that the thing we desire is separate from us, it creates a gap between us and the object of desire that sets up a subconscious or unconscious thought, and emotional feelings. For example, if we desire abundance, it is because we don’t already feel abundant – there is a gap between us and the desired state. We may feel we are not worthy, not deserving, not “enough”, a state of lack. These feelings of “not enough” then make us feel we are not abundant, which then attracts more of this not abundant feeling and state. If our thoughts and feelings create our reality, then with each desire to have more abundance, we are creating a reality that matches the lack of abundance. And we must understand where these feelings of lack and not enough come from. It is not likely the abundance we seek, but the desire to quell the nagging beliefs we are not enough, don’t have enough, aren’t good enough, aren’t secure or aren’t supported by the Universe.

There is wisdom in the idea that feeling as if we have already achieved what we desire will magnetize more of this feeling, through the principle of like attracts like. If we feel abundant, complete and enough, then we draw to us circumstances that support this feeling.

We need to understand that we are already enough. We don’t need anything or anyone, not money, or lots of friends, or beauty, or whatever it is we think we are missing, to be enough. I learned one must stop trying, doing, pursuing, hoping to get to the point where we feel we are enough, for we continue to feed the belief in lack. We are not content, and what we focus on will continue to grow. Feeling discontent will continue to foster more things to be unhappy with, unsatisfied with, and to complain about. The universe will continue to support you in this, as it is your consciousness that creates the energy that creates the circumstance. The universe thinks you want to feel this way, so it will continue to create circumstances to allow you to continue to think this way.

How do we stop the cycle? Gratitude. Being grateful for what we have; being satisfied, being content. This calms the part of us that feeds on lower frequency vibrations such as fear, worry, anxiety, judgment and jealousy. Feeling we are enough and complete just as we are.

How grateful can you be for your life, in this moment? The more gratitude you can feel, the more you will attract to be grateful for. This is not a superficial thought move to trick yourselves into thinking you are grateful so you can attract more….this is finding the sincere appreciation of all the things you have in your life. A warm bed, a roof over your head, loving friends and relationships, food in your fridge or cupboard, warm socks, your pet – whatever you can feel grateful for.

As you make your list, notice how you start to feel, what shifts and changes in your body. Notice the energy and vibration in you becoming lighter, notice your heart opening, notice yourself becoming more peaceful and compassionate and loving. Notice the sense of abundance inside you and around you starts to grow as well. You feel enough and complete, in this moment – you have everything you need, in this moment. The more gratitude you have, the more things you find to feel grateful for, shifting your energy. This works because the energy of gratitude is of a higher vibration than that of lack, or not being enough. We must raise our vibration to shift out of old thought patterns to create higher, more life-affirming ones.

As you dream your dreams for the coming year, dream your highest dreams. Let go of creating the form (the trying, the doing, the path, the lists, the outcome, etc), and focus instead on the feeling – what does it feel like, now, when you achieve this dream? Do you experience joy, love, peace, security, expansion, more gratitude, lightness, compassion?

Let go of the form, and remember to put your attention and awareness on the feeling of achieving your dream. By doing so, you allow the infinite wisdom of the Universe a greater opportunity to create it in the perfect form for you. Let go of the need to micromanage the situation, the desire to fill a place of emptiness or not enoughness, and focus instead on the joy, freedom, peace, etc. that you want to feel more of. That is where the magic is.

Consciousness moves through energy into form. You are using the feeling you want to feel to draw more of what creates that feeling to you.

I wish you all the best, always and in all ways, for the coming year! For me, I am dreaming of the energy of New York City – infinite possibilities and potentials, beautiful vibrant energy, and expansion. I am not sure what form this energy will take, but I can feel it so strongly in my field – feeling alive, joyful, content, enough and expansive!

Akemashite omedetō gozaimasu (明けましておめでとう ございます). Happy New Year.

With love and light,