Note: here is a guided meditation from the Guides. If you like, you may want to play some relaxing music in the background as you read and experience the journey. Stop and close your eyes as often as you like as you read – you will easily return to your spot when you are ready.

“Welcome. Thank you for choosing this blog post.  In whatever way you do, become quiet, and allow yourself to tune in to the higher frequencies all around you.  Notice the shifts that occur as you do.  Notice your posture may become slightly more upright, and that you are surrounded by a sensation of peace, light and love.  Allow your energies to come into resonance with these frequencies.  As you do, feel yourself becoming calmer, your breath and heartbeat becoming slower, and a deep wave of relaxation washing over you.

As you read, occasionally close your eyes softly to maintain the connection with these energies.  Notice your thoughts becoming lighter, your smile becoming bigger, and a sense of peace and well-being flooding you. Allow this energy to permeate your body, bringing softness and warmth to your entire body.  Bring your awareness to any areas of tension in your body, feel them soften. Let it feel as if you are being held in a field of love and light.  Bring your awareness to any area of your body that needs more light, love and acceptance.  And allow this energy to flood this area with light.  Hold your awareness here, and with curiosity and acceptance, allow yourself to feel what is here. 

Feel the qualities of energy here – the emotions, the thoughts and perhaps memories that arise. With full acceptance, allow yourself to fully feel what is here.  Notice whether the area is tight, or hot, or empty, or barricaded; notice what emotions arise as you bring more light here….allow yourself to feel all that is here, without judgment.  Allow yourself to feel what is here energetically – is it heavy? Knotted?  Wet? Cold? Empty? Constricted? Are you able to sense any emotions? Is there anger? sadness? shame? fear? worry, or another emotion? What is your experience? Ask this part of the body what message it has for you, and what it is trying to show you.  What opportunity for healing is hidden here?

Then listen. Let whatever is here express itself in whatever way it wants to open. Breathe into the area, and accept it as it is, without wanting it to be any different.  What do you notice as you bring your awareness here?  What does bringing your full awareness on the area do?  When ready, let the experience go. You may notice the experience may transform into another experience – continue this way, following your awareness where it takes you. Sensing the myriad of energies you can feel this way, when you become quiet and bring your awareness inside.  Listen with your inner ears to find your heartbeat. Listen to your heartbeat, and let it carry you into a wonderful space….

Good, you are back.  Come fully back into your body, feeling your toes, legs, fingers, arms, your breath, rested and energized. Very good.”

With much love,