According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, abundance is defined as “an ample quantity”, “affluence, wealth”, and a “relative degree of plentifulness”. We seek abundance in a number of ways in our lives: we seek more time, money, love, happiness, joy, security, etc.  I have been exploring abundance, being curious about what attracts, and what blocks, abundance, for the past few weeks. Read on to learn more of what I experienced and discovered.

I participated in a recent light body meditation seminar, with an intention to explore abundance as energy. I discovered that hatred and anger block the flow of energy. The anger and hatred I felt were held in the liver. This made sense to me, from a Chinese medicine perspective.

The liver is responsible for the smooth and easy flow of Qi and blood in the body; its function can be negatively affected by lower frequency emotions such as anger, irritation, frustration, rage, and jealousy. Or, these emotions may manifest as a result of energetic imbalances in the liver due to poor diet, consumption of excess alcohol, exposure to environmental toxins, etc.

Energetic blockage in the liver stagnates the flow of liver energy/Qi, and energy in general, reducing the availability of energy to other parts of the body, i.e. reducing abundance of energy. When consciousness was brought to these emotions I felt, they lifted from the liver and appear to have been released. This was followed by a vision of light energy flowing up to the heart. I was guided to focus on the gratitude, love and joy I felt after the anger was released. It was wonderful! After I finished the light body seminar, literally the day of and after the last meditation, I received several inquiries from new clients, and people I didn’t even know were registering for classes and individual sessions.

According to the creation/generation cycle of the five elements, the wood element (liver) feeds/is the mother of, the fire element (heart). An opening of liver energy would benefit the heart by “feeding” it. Through continued energetic exploration, finding, feeling and experiencing the heart’s virtues of gratitude, love and joy resulted in the ability to find an infinite number of energetic frequencies, potentials and possibilities – an infinity of abundance!

Feeling joy, unconditional love and gratitude appear to be key to creating and feeling the energy of abundance, and creating abundance in our lives. What we focus on grows, and is also the lens through which we look at what is happening all around us. If we can see, feel, and imagine abundance, we will attract more of it as we vibrate at its frequency.

So abundance is a flow, which can be sensed energetically. Our thoughts and actions can influence our ability to magnetize abundance. Here are a few examples of qualities that attract or repel abundance (money) from the book “Creating Money: Attracting Abundance”, by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer:

Abundance Attracting Qualities

  • honoring your worth and time
  • giving and receiving freely
  • opening your heart
  • doing your best
  • wanting everyone to succeed, cooperating
  • allowing yourself to have
  • releasing things easily
  • applauding the success of others


and their counterparts, Abundance Repelling Qualities

  • not honoring your time and work
  • not giving or being open to receive
  • closing your heart
  • cutting corners
  • competing
  • feeling you don’t deserve to have
  • hanging on to things
  • feeling threatened by the success of others


The biggest take away for me was that doing what you love, with love, for the highest good will attract abundance to you.  Whatever you do, if you can do it with your whole heart and pure intentions, you will be supported by the universe.  For love is the universal currency.  The more you give, the more you will receive.  And the more gratitude you have for what you have, the more you attract what you are grateful for. 

Gratitude, love, and joy – a winning combination.  Notice how you feel as you focus on these frequencies. Work with the energies and they will manifest for you, in a way that is for your highest good.  If we just focus on the form, there may be many other options that we miss while thinking just of that form.  Be open to all the abundance the universe wants to provide; we are all deserving of all the abundance that is available.