Came across a journal entry from October 28, 2006. After I read it, I felt better, so thought I would share it here. I trust there is something here for you, the reader, as well.

Best Blessings, Caroline

I call upon the beings of pure white light who surround me to assist me now….

If the universe is expanding, then so are we. It is our growth that in turn allows the universe to grow. By incarnating, we made the choice to learn and grow by becoming ignorant again. We remember as we mature; we re-learn our purpose, we serve by growing and helping others to grow as well. In our ignorance, we have free will to choose and find our connection with the “whole” again. Our search and our journey are to find the “wholeness” from which we came.

Or perhaps that is just my journey. I am moving away from duality toward non-duality. I have learned that I am not alone, that I have never been alone. I have felt the connection to the Whole and felt the love that binds us. It is beautiful and life-giving, and worth fighting for. It is worth the fight.

We must remember the peace, the light, and the love from which we came. It is within us. It is the lake of tranquility inside our soul – the place in our hearts and souls where peace always resides, where we can always find it if we look. In the stress and hassles of every day life, it is difficult to find the lake. The first step is to remember that it is there.

The surface of the lake is calm no matter what the situation. The breeze that stirs around you will not disturb it. It is still and placid, and filled with wisdom and knowledge. The knowledge of the universe is contained in its waters. One just needs to become still in order to explore its depths.

Go inside you…go to the deepest place you are and you will find it there. There is a rowboat on the lake, and you are in it. Though the winds of change may blow through, and all around you, the lake remains calm – you are safe here, and you can relax. As you look at your reflection, you notice that the lines of worry and stress around your eyes and forehead are gone. A look of serenity and joy is worn instead. You hear the voice of the Creator, and the words of compassion, wisdom, comfort, and peace are whispered gently in your ear. In the eyes of the Creator, you are loved and accepted for who you are. Who better to love his/her creation than the Creator? There is no one with more intimate knowledge of who you are, and no one can love you more for it.

Be at the lake every day, so you can remember who you are, and who your Creator is. Go to the lake in times of stress, and in times of joy. Remain free of the trappings of both. Remember what it is like to be a human being every day. Take a break in the “doing” to remember and appreciate all that is good and well in your life. What you focus on grows, and you will attract what you concentrate most on. There will always be people who are better, and worse, off than you are. Appreciate who you are, what you have, and be grateful for your life.