“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” Eden Phillpotts

One of the things I love about the snow are the beautiful sparkles of diamond-like crystals one can see when the light is just right.  An infinite sea of bright sparkles of light in front of me and all around me as I cross-country ski on favorite trails.  One can’t always see the sparkles, especially when there is a shadow obscuring them, a place where the sunshine does not reach.  And it occurred to me that it is much the same with humans.

The sea of beautiful sparkly crystals is a metaphor for the sea of humanity that we are in and of.  When the shade is over top, when there is little or no light, it is as if there is no sparkle, as if the sparkle has disappeared or no longer exists.  But is this true?  Does the sparkle disappear?

My sense is that it is omnipresent, always there – but there are times when we can’t see it, and can’t connect with it.  “The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper”.  Our deepest, most beautiful self is patiently waiting for our awareness to be refined in a way that allows us to see our beauty and light.  To BE this beauty and light.  It is not that it is not there – it is that we don’t have the ability to fully sense it….yet.  There is a diamond within each of us, waiting to shine, patiently waiting for us to realize that the love and light we seek outside of us is present within us. 

Be like the diamond, and find a way to sparkle in your own unique way.  Spend time in nature, alone and without technology, to connect with the beauty that surrounds you and the beauty within you.  If you can’t find it, be sure it is only temporarily obscured, like the shadow of a tree over the trails.  Once the sun changes position, which it always does, and shines again over the snow, the light will reveal the sparkle within!  Shadows are temporary, and with patience, the light will find you once again. And we can be grateful for the contrast the light and shadows provide.

Would love to hear your comments!

With love,