Peace at mountains

The ancient Daoists believed that everything is energy, and everything vibrates at a certain frequency of energy.  The spectrum of energy frequencies ranges from those of the highest frequencies of light (which are beyond the visible spectrum), the Soul/Higher self and the virtues, to those of darkness, solid matter like our bodies, and the acquired emotions and personality self.  The higher frequencies are Yang (Heaven), the lower frequencies are Yin (Earth). We are where the energies of Heaven and Earth meet. From the Yin/Yang symbol, we know one is perpetually flowing into the other, and that there is always Yin within Yang, and yang within yin. There is a seed of the virtue within every lower emotion.  And within each virtue is the potential for the lower vibration within it to be expressed.  Darkness is dispelled by light, and light needs darkness for contrast.  The balance of Yin and Yang creates harmony, flow, health and vitality. 

There are some who believe that in order to evolve and grow as a soul, we must rid ourselves of the lower emotions, the acquired personality, the “darkness” (unconscious). But this might be like asking the moon to disappear so the sun may perpetually shine.  Everything on Earth exists in balance between the energies of Heaven and Earth, light and dark.  Including us.  Yin and Yang are at play within us in many ways, including the energies of the unconscious self versus the conscious or Higher self.  We are constantly seeking harmony between these polarities of consciousness – the part of us that wants to grow, and the part of us that wants everything to stay the same.  It is the unconsciousness within us that stimulates the growth of consciousness, as we seek to grow and evolve and better understand who we are. 

Seek each day to bring balance and harmony to these aspects of yourself. By seeing, loving, accepting and appreciating all of who we are, we create the harmony, flow, health and higher understanding we desire. 

Best blessings,