Breathe in Light

“…take personal responsibility for managing the energy one adds to the world…”

It can be easy to lose one’s way in a busy life, with all the challenges humanity is currently facing.  These perceived challenges can be wonderful opportunities for soul growth, but for most, this is not how these challenges are viewed.  It is easy to lose perspective, to become lost in the chaos, the conflict, and the lower-frequency energies that can take one out of one’s highest virtues – the highest vision of who one wants to be.  Lower-frequency emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, and worry are like sandbags for our soul and spirit.  If one is drawn to, and becomes these lower-frequency energies, it is like attaching sandbags to a hot air balloon that wants to fly higher.  How can one shift and release these sandbags?  What can be done to prevent adding lower frequency energies to those which currently exists? How do we prevent becoming part of the problem? By becoming part of the solution!  By taking personal responsibility for managing the energy one adds to the world, starting with one’s own energy.  According to the Guides, it is done by changing where one puts their awareness.


Greetings, and welcome to the worlds of light.  Feel the light frequencies emanating from us now, and know that you are loved.  Know that you are a Divine being, filled with beauty, light and purpose, and we love you and support you.  You are not alone. All you need do is put your awareness upward, to call upon these higher worlds of light, and we will respond.  We are delighted to be asked, and can respond only when asked, for we cannot interfere with your free Will. 

And as you put your awareness upward, into the light, feel our presence. You may notice more light, a brightening of the energies all around you.  You may feel your thoughts and emotions becoming lighter. Feel your chest and heart opening and feel your breath becoming deeper.  Inhale deeply now, and imagine breathing in light, calling light to you and breathing that into your body.  Inhale love, compassion, kindness, peace, joy, and as you exhale, through your mouth, breathe out tension, breathe out frustration, worry, fear, anxiety – whatever you are upset by.  And after a few minutes, sense the relaxation, calmness, the peace, and this beautiful light all about you, in whatever way to do.  Know that by changing where you put your awareness, you can change your stress, your thoughts and emotions. Know that this can be done in a short period of time, just by changing where you put your focus.  Very good.”   The Guides

By thinking higher thoughts, feeling higher emotions such as kindness, compassion, love, peace, patience, trust and joy, even for short periods, one adds the light and higher vibration of these thoughts and emotions into oneself, and to all. These energies multiply by connecting with those of similar frequencies, spreading a wave of light into the world.  Like a snowball gathering momentum and size as it speeds downhill!  Whenever you can, make the higher choice.  In doing so, one adds more and more light to self and to all.

Best blessings,