What is Consciousness?

The purpose and mission of Integrative Energy Arts is to assist others to become more conscious, to create consciousness….what does that mean, exactly?

To paraphrase Merriam-Webster online, being conscious means one is awake, with the ability to be fully present in each moment – to be aware of, and clearly perceive, one’s thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations, and what is occurring in one’s environment. This awareness allows one to choose how one wants to act, versus react, to what is happening. Being conscious allows one to create a life by design and not by default. 

Consciousness is the quality of being able to be conscious. It is the “upper level of mental life of which the person is aware as contrasted with unconscious processes”. Unconscious patterns are those we are not aware of; they can strongly influence how we perceive people, things and events, and how we respond to what we perceive.  Unconscious patterns can be one’s ‘triggers’, creating mental and emotional responses/reactions that may be out of proportion to the triggers.  They are old patterns, habits and hidden beliefs that one learned in order to cope with pain and trauma, and to be loved. Because one is not aware of them, one cannot shift or change the pattern.  These areas of lack of awareness can create stagnation of energy, preventing the smooth flow of energy in one’s life and in one’s body. The unconscious nature of the pattern causes it to be repeated.  They serve until they are no useful and become harmful. If one is able to bring higher awareness into the pattern, to see it, to become conscious of it, it can be transformed.

These unconscious patterns and beliefs are stored in the body, in the physical tissues, and manifest in one’s life.  They can be transformed by working with the body, for example through qigong exercises, breathwork and meditations/journeys, and table work by a trained professional in individual sessions.  They can also be transformed by increasing one’s vibration through techniques such as Awakening the Light Body.  When one awakens the light body, the lower frequency emotional and thought patterns are transformed by coming into resonance with higher frequencies of light (e.g. virtues, clarity, vision, harmony).  Each unconscious pattern holds the opportunity for a blesson – a lesson that holds a blessing of higher consciousness within it.    

In terms of Yin and Yang and energy, consciousness can be thought of as Yang (light, expansive, higher, brighter), whereas what is unconscious can be viewed as Yin (heavier, denser, contracting, and darker in nature).  One is not better than the other – they work together to create consciousness.  Yin and Yang are constantly interacting with each other, and there is always yin within yang, and yang within yin (e.g. the blessing within the lesson).  Each exploration into unconscious patterns is an opportunity to create consciousness (light) – one cannot have one without the other for contrast.  Think of becoming more conscious as turning a light on in a dark room, to more accurately see what is there – the light is consciousness and awareness.

As long as one is alive, one will have the opportunity to increase one’s consciousness through experiences with varying frequencies and vibrations.  We wish to support you on your journey and look forward to the opportunity to serve!

Love and best blessings,