Summary of comments from qigong class participants in various classes:

  • “I sleep well after the class; as the week goes on, my sleep worsens until I take the class again” – most common comment
  • “I have a chronic medical condition – after class I sleep better and my blood pressure decreases”
  • “I do other energy work and this is very similar”
  • “Before class I was tired, but now I feel like I have energy”
  • “I told my wife to do the exercises in between classes, and she said she is sleeping better because of it”
  • “Your class for me was an affirmation of the Way. It was a respite from the tumultuousness that sometimes accompanies our day to day lives. Without words you conveyed the message of love and gratitude.”   LH, January 2017

Session Testimonials:

“I wanted to say thank you for yesterday!  It was rather an ‘awakening’ experience.  I don’t have pain in my lower back!  I haven’t felt this in over 20 years! You have my permission to use my experience as an example. I know I’m telling everyone!”
AJ, Kimberley, one session
“Your sessions help me become more aware of areas that I need to work on – thank you for your gentle way of making me own these areas in my life.  I am also (I think) much more in tune with signals that my body gives me.”
KR, Cranbrook, ongoing sessions
“Thanks again for your awesome treatments. I feel so fortunate to have met you. I have given myself time and space and have been gently processing the last treatment, I have received so  many messages from my Mom the last couple of days, it has been amazing. I do feel much lighter and once again I thank you!”
TH, Cranbrook, five sessions
“Since you removed the energetic stagnation from my abdomen, my anxiety has decreased by at least half, and all my kids are noticing the positive difference in my demeanor.  I also wanted to tell you that the organ prolapse I suffered with for many years has improved a lot since we started working together.  Thank you!”
LS, Cranbrook, ongoing sessions

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