September 7, 2013 news

Happy September Everyone!  How are you doing?

Well, the students have gone back to school, and I am no different – I start the 10th of 12 Medical Qigong seminars on September 11th.  It is the second seminar of the Masters of Medical Qigong program – energetic anatomy and physiology.  I am looking forward to learning new ways to serve you – friends and clients.  I will be working with my teacher, Wendy Lang, as a teaching assistant for MQT5 – the first seminar for the second level of the program – Medical Qigong Therapist level, at the end of September.  And, at the beginning of October, I will be attending an Advanced Channeling Workshop to learn how to access the higher realms of consciousness – am looking forward to resuming my studies!

If you are interested, I would love to have the opportunity to work with you, via treatments, and also through the I Ching – an ancient Chinese divination tool!  Through the asking of thoughtful questions and the tossing of some coins, divine guidance can be achieved.  Please call or email if you have any questions (250 427 2570, or  Also, please note I have three classes being offered starting in October – one for the College of the Rockies Kimberley campus, one for the College of the Rockies Cranbrook campus, and an ongoing class at Exhale Yoga Studio in Cranbrook.  Please check dates and times under “Classes and Services”.  I am in the process of negotiating an afternoon class at Exhale Yoga Studio – stay tuned!  It will likely start at the beginning of October, as I will be away a lot this coming month.

I look forward to seeing you again this fall.

Blessings of Qi and Light,


July 13 – Medical Qigong Poetry

Please enjoy this wonderful, heart-felt and meaning-filled poem, written by a client, poet/artist and friend, Kimberly Richards, after a recent Medical Qigong treatment:
Cut off 
Cut off in the middle
numb to my being
my searching
my longing
numb to my earth connection
legs like lead
lead me through the valleys
always the valleys
too tired for mountains
drifting along numb to my

my being love
my being valued
my being enough

plagued by my innocent
                      heart-crying out
desire to never be born
desire for a different family
desire to be my OWN individual
to be seen
to be missed
to be visible

yet even now You confirm
my feeling of nothingness
of invisibility
of being a mere shadow

in the depths he serves his purpose
creates a wall
a wall of escape
escape from pain
escape from confusion
a numbing to this suffering

safe inside the cold wet
chamber of peace
lit by my candle
yet brighter than any man-made object could be
a Divine healing light
beams through a heart-shaped, opaque window
a window to my soul
my all encompassing
wildflowers bloom
butterflies flutter
a peace beyond the worldly realm
and a tender calm
held in a Divine meadow of love.
Yet I’m stuck
stuck behind the shield
A self-made shield
that appears to barely hang on
doesn’t budge an inch
It looks
and old.

A heavy darkness envelops my being
oppresses my breath
suffocates my soul

Gratitude is voiced
voiced from my mind
and nothing shifts.

The heaviness weighs on my soul.

Gratitude is voiced
voiced from my BEing
My aware-of- the- DivineBEing
my being of love
my being of worth
of longing
of pain.

Slowly the weight lifts
leaving nothing
leaving a hole of nothing
he doesn't go far
he lingers
he sidesteps
he grasps for a hold
a hold in my mind
my thinking fear-based mind

Waves of not enough-ness
of shame
of loneliness
of fear
seize me through my core
sting my eyes
like sharp tiny needles
and secure an anxious, queasy grip on
my soul.

But I’m not alone
I’m surrounded by love
A love I can call
A love which when shown
When shown by another - another Divine-Being
removes my shields
my armour
my not enough-ness
my brokenness.

Through my angst
I feel a Divine peace
a Divine warmth fills my being
I surrender
I trust
I lay back into a web of Divine, holy-lit love
I am held
held in a sea of heavenly love.
He loses his grip
his hard fought thirty-year grip
As his darkness lifts
my body floats
floats in the arms of Divinity
Light fills my nothingness
My invisibility
My smallness
Encased in a cocoon of Divine light
- all is well with my soul.

June 2013 news


Happy June!  What a great few months it has been!  Had the pleasure of teaching the first Qigong for Breast Health class at the Cranbrook campus of the College of the Rockies this spring – what a powerful course this was, and what a powerful way to move stale, stuck emotional energy!

In March, I attended a practitioner level course as a TA for my teacher, Wendy Lang.  It was wonderful to review and learn the same thing with a different group of people.  To add to my skills, I took a channeling class that month as well – a powerful experience, to say the least!

In May I resumed my qigong studies, starting the Masters of Medical Qigong program (MMQ 9) – amazing seminar!  We learned many things, including how to work with the energy of the sun, the moon, the planets and the Big Dipper, dream analysis, working with the energetic essences of trees and plants, and divination using the I Ching and other methods.

In June, I attended a three day medical qigong clinic – offering services to the public for a nominal fee of $10 donation.  Was able to work with those with challenging mental and spiritual health issues, as well as cancer.  As part of my certification requirements, I am looking for individuals with challenging conditions such as cancer, to do a case study.  Anyone who is interested in being part of a case study, or who knows someone with a challenging medical condition who might be interested, can contact me any time.

The next MMQ seminar is in September, and I can hardly wait!  Hope you are all well and good.

Peace and light,


February 2013 news


I am so excited to say I received the designation of Medical Qigong Therapist from the International Institute of Medical Qigong, as of January 1, 2013.  I  completed 500 recognized hours of training and diligently work towards the next 500 hours, after which I will be designated a Master of Medical Qigong.  Our last year has been delayed slightly, but will resume again this May.  I have continued to study and review, and am pleased to say I am now averaging two to four treatments per week, in addition to the classes.   I have started taking Tai Chi classes to fulfill requirements for the next level, and recently completed a three-day course called, “Archetypes of Understanding: Five Elements and Fulfilling Personal Destiny”, taught by Dr. Samantha Jennings.  I learned about the five primary constitutional types, and how we cope with the challenges and gifts each of these constitutional types bring.  If anyone is interested, I can assist you to complete the questionnaire to help you understand your primary constitutional type, what strategies you developed to cope with this type, and how you can move forward to deal with challenges which arise.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the qigong exercise classes in helping people – very noticeable and validated shifts in energy, mood, and physical well-being, and I wonder how much more powerful it would be if people could practice daily instead of weekly!  As I explain to the students, the exercises are like prescription medicine – the “medication” works best if taken regularly, and as prescribed.   I am excited about offering a new class for the enhancement of breast health, and look forward to teaching a future class for those women suffering from menstrual issues.

Thanks to everyone for your support in 2012, and I look forward to serving you in 2013!

Blessings of Qi and Light,


Summer Time!

It is the end of July, hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!  I have now completed all the requirements for the designation Medical Qigong Therapist – this included 4 seminars (MQT 5 – Sensory, Intuitive, and Perceptual Diagnosis; MQT 6 – Medical Qigong Dao Yin Therapy and Rectifying Qi Deviations; MQT 7 – Treatment of Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Gynecology, Neurology and Energetic Psychology; MQT 8 – Treatment of Cancer with Medical Qigong Therapy), as well as part 2 of Oriental Medicine.

MQT certificate

I also took part in a free to the public clinic in Vancouver in June, providing treatments to people with cancer (pineal and brain cancer), multiple sclerosis, and a host of other medical issues.  In total, I have participated in 500 hours of training over the last year!!!

Training at the masters level begins in January, 2013, completed in December 2013 – to complete this level will require another 500 hours.  I look forward to the challenge, and am actively reviewing to prepare.

Good news re: classes – I will be teaching three classes at the College of the Rockies, Cranbrook campus, this fall.  There will be a level 1 Qigong Healing Workout class for beginners, a level 2 Qigong Healing Workout class for those proficient at level 1, and a Medical Qigong class for the Prevention of Breast Cancer.  Please watch for your continuing education flyer from the College for dates and click “Current Services” for dates and times.

Please contact Caroline directly (250 427 2570), or Elemental Healing in Cranbrook (250 426 2603) to arrange treatments.

Happy Summer!

April News

Wow, I hope everyone is getting outside into the beautiful sunshine!  It’s nice to see the green grass, and all the active people outside on their bikes and in their tank tops!

I am happy to announce the start of a new qigong exercise class – the Wudang Regulating Exercise Class – for more information see:  Qigong Wudang flyer.  It is the first time this class will be offered, and it will be held at Mountain Pose Yoga and Wellness Studio for four weeks, starting May 3.  This class is appropriate for people of all ages and abilities, and as with the other classes, will leave you feeling more energetic and peaceful after each class.  Please email me at to state your intention to attend – a minimum of 5 people is required.  A reminder that the Qigong Healing Workout will be offered again at the College of the Rockies, Cranbrook campus, for six Tuesdays starting May 8 – please contact the College to register.

The MQT7 seminar in Victoria was fantastic!  We had a chance to practice our newfound skills at two clinics – the first day was a gynecology clinic,  and after it was done, I committed to do what I could to assist women with gynecology issues of all kinds (fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, etc).  The second day was a neurology clinic, and I had the opportunity to provide a treatment for a young woman who had suffered massive head trauma approximately two years ago and was continuing to recover from her ordeal.  Wouldn’t you know the first person I treated upon my return from Victoria was a client with a gynecological issue – how perfect was that?

In May, I am going to Vancouver to complete 32 more hours of Oriental Medicine; we will be learning about internal climatic factors, and how they arise from a simple syndrome (imbalance) to pathology.  Five element energetics will be discussed and we will learn more about particularly powerful points along the 6 Yin channels.  Looking forward to that!  As well, I will attend the last seminar for the Therapist level, MQT8, in June – the focus of this seminar is oncology.  As mentioned previously, there will be a free cancer clinic offered June 9 and 10; please contact me if you or anyone else you know would be interested in participating.  The clinic will also be held in Vancouver.

I am receiving clients at Elemental Healing as well as Mountain Pose Yoga currently.  I am also available to do distant treatments or home visits if you prefer.  If you contact me and say you saw this post on my website/blog, you will receive two treatments for the price of one!  Bring a friend, or get your second treatment for free!

Look forward to meeting you in class, or on the treatment table!

It’s Already Halfway Through March!

I hope March finds everyone healthy and happy!  Had some good snow removal exercise to go along with my regular qigong practice – LOL!

As mentioned in the February update, I will be teaching a Medical Qigong self-massage class for four weeks in April, Thursdays, starting April 5, at Mountain Pose Yoga and Wellness – classes start at 5:30 pm.  In addition, I am currently in discussion with Brenda at Exhale Yoga Studio in Cranbrook to teach a morning class – stay tuned!  Finally, because our February/March Qigong Healing Workout class at the College of the Rockies was so successful, we are offering it again in May, starting May 8, for six weeks.  The class will be held at 5:00 pm.

Am off to the coast for MQT7 – the seventh of the qigong seminars.  We will be learning how to treat internal diseases, pediatrics, geriatrics, gynegology, neurology and energetic psychology.  The seminar is being held in Victoria; there will be a two-day clinic offered – on Saturday March 31, we are treating patients with gynecological issues, and on Sunday, April 1, we are treating patients with neurological issues.  If you know of anyone in Victoria who might be interested in volunteering as a patient, please let me know!  MQT8 will be held in June, and we will be learning how to treat patients with cancer.  Stay tuned, as we will be having at least one clinic in Vancouver in June.

Thank you to all class participants for the wonderful support you have given me since the new year began!


February Update

Hello!  Happy February!  I am happy to report I received my Medical Qigong Practitioner certificate from the International Institute of Medical Qigong last month (to see a copy, go to About Caroline and choose Certificates).  I am currently working on completing the Medical Qigong Therapist certification.  It is a 500-hour program, with examinations and requirements to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine and perform a certain number of treatments. 

To that end, I attended a 50-hour Oriental Medicine course in Vancouver this January, taught by Dr. Samantha Jennings, RAc, doctor of TCM.  We learned a great deal about the Extraordinary Vessels, and reviewed Yin and Yang differentiation, the 8 Guiding principles of TCM, and internal and external disease factors.  I now have some new tools to use in my treatments!

Classes are going well! At Exhale Yoga in Cranbrook, 14 people registered for the 6-week class for Stress Reduction and Relaxation, which is finished next week.  The Qigong Healing Workout class at the College of the Rockies, which started on Tuesday, February 21, is full at 16 participants!  At Mountain Pose Yoga and Wellness Studio, our numbers have been steady – we will be offering a new class, “Qigong Self-Massage for Health“, for the month of April, starting April 5.

That’s it for now, check back soon!

New Classes in Kimberley and Cranbrook!

I’m happy to announce there are now three classes on my teaching roster!  Please see the attached flyers for details:  Stress Reduction and Relaxation, Healing Workout

Starting January 19, I will be teaching a Qigong for Stress Reduction and Relaxation class at Mountain Pose Yoga and Wellness Studio in Kimberley (in the Platzl).  The class will run from 7:00 – 8:15 pm on Thursday evenings.  Note: 10 class passes are currently on sale for $85 – please contact Mountain Pose for registration information: 250.427.7670;

Starting January 23 and running to February 27, I will be teaching a Qigong for Stress Reduction and Relaxation class at Exhale Yoga and Movement Studio, in Cranbrook BC.  The class runs from 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm on Monday evenings – the cost is $72 for all six classes.  Please contact the studio for registration information, or email Brenda Cartier at

Finally, I will be teaching a Qigong Healing Workout class at the College of the Rockies, Cranbrook facility.  This class is a more structured format and will run for six Tuesdays starting February 21, from 5:00 – 6:15 pm; there is a free introduction to this class on February 7, 5:00 pm – please contact Continuing Education at College of the Rockies for registration information.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I am very excited to be offering classes and treatment services this year (see Current Services page), and to be continuing my studies in Medical Qigong.  I am currently working through the Medical Qigong Therapist level of study, where we have already learned about sensory, intuitive and perceptual diagnosis, and Dao Yin Therapy (how to move and direct Qi);  we will finish this level by learning how to treat pediatric, geriatric, gynecological, neurological and emotional issues, and in June, cancer.

In addition to Medical Qigong, I will also undergo 100 hours of study this year in Traditional Chinese medicine to greater understand the five elements, and diagnostic techniques including the study of tongue diagnosis and pulse diagnosis.   I will be learning about external pathogenic factors and acupuncture points for treatment to add to what we have already learned in the first 1.5 years of Medical Qigong study.

I look forward to using what I have learned to date!  Please feel free to share this website with anyone who you feel may benefit from treatment or classes.

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!  Happy New Years – good health to you and your loved ones in 2012!