Qigong Exercise Classes

Daoist Qigong Exercise Class (Qigong Healing Workout):

  • effective in purging, tonifying and regulating the body’s internal organ energy to maximize health of body’s organ systems
  • introduced by Dr. Her Ye Wong from Taiwan
  • simple, gentle, easy-to-learn exercises for all levels of fitness, coordination, and ability
  • benefits: improve muscle and tendon strength, help revitalize tissues/organs/body systems, enhance body’s natural healing ability, boost energy, decrease stress, increase resilience to daily challenges

Qigong Wu Dang Regulating Exercise Class:

  • effective in creating proper energy flow throughout the organs and the entire body
  • introduced by Taiji Master Feng Zhiqiang in Beijing
  • simple, gentle, easy-to-learn exercises for all levels of fitness, coordination, and ability
  • benefits:  strengthen, tonify and regulate internal organs and energetic fields; promotes health; balance body’s Yin and Yang energies; regulate energy flow through all areas of the body; improve circulation, cultivate energy; strengthen muscles and tendons

Self-Healing Massage and Point Therapy Class:

  • assists in helping the individual to ground and root their energy
  • benefits:  help disperse stagnant and excess energy conditions (e.g. muscle stiffness, pain), and activate and regulate overall energy flow in the body
  • techniques can be performed in lying, sitting, or standing postures

Qigong For Stress Reduction and Relaxation Class:

  • benefits similar to above, with added emphasis on releasing stress and improving tranquility and vitality
  • combination of exercises from the various methods described above, therefore less structured and activities may vary from day to day

Classes may also incorporate sounds, visualizations, self-massage, and standing meditations.

For a list of current and upcoming classes, please click HERE.

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