Classes and Services

Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are.  ~Chinese Proverb


This Awakening Your Lightbody program is a powerful way to connect with your highest self, find your purpose, and be the light you came to be.  It is a 6-part program using meditative journeys to find and connect with your Light Body – the light of your soul.  It is a wonderful skill to use on the path to becoming an enlightened being!

Contact Caroline if you are interested. The next online session will begin in January 2021; if there is enough demand, a live class will be created!


OPTION A:  Audio Course download only: $494.00 US (no Online Webinar Series, no follow up) –  ~$665.00 Canadian (will vary according to strength of Canadian $$ – may go up or down!)

OPTION B:  Audio Course and Class Series : $594.00 US – ~ $800 Canadian (will vary according to strength of Canadian $$ – may go up or down!); approximately $140 per month for six months

OPTION C:  same as Option B plus total of 50 minutes of Individual Coaching: $694.00 US – ~$920 Canadian (will vary according to strength of Canadian $$ – may go up or down!)

Please pay me personally (cheque, cash, e-transfer, PayPal) for the option you choose, and I will order the course on your behalf.  This is partially how I am compensated for my teaching time.  Thank you!


Private Qigong sessions are now being offered at the following locations:

  • Integrative Energy Arts
  • Location:  #8, 911 Baker Street, Cranbrook, BC
  • Phone:  250 427 6474, to set up an appointment

Distance Sessions:

Due to recent world events, the popularity of distance sessions has increased; distance sessions are available via phone, or Zoom (a free, downloadable app).  Distance sessions are as powerful and helpful as in-person sessions – energy work is not bound by time or space.

Fees (effective January 2020):

  • average session length and cost – 75 minutes for $120.00; costs may vary depending on type of session and issues which arise
  • cash, cheque, e-transfer accepted

Sessions are appropriate:

  • if you have a medical condition (session is an adjunct or is complementary to current medical treatment)
  • if you are dealing with an ongoing emotional issue (such as sadness/grief, worry, fear, anger)
  • for transformation of repeated or long-standing patterns of thought or behaviour
  • for soul retrieval purposes
  • for relaxation purposes
  • for balancing of body’s energies
  • for increasing one’s energy and vitality
  • for bringing more consciousness into your life at all levels



Online classes will begin in October, 2020.  Please contact Caroline for dates, times, and Zoom links to classes.


Medical Qigong/Shamanic Chinese Medicine Practitioner course is starting September 25, 2020.  Please email, text or call Caroline for more information.  Information session to be held September 3, 2020 – please contact Caroline for the Zoom link for the meeting.

Questions or comments?

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