Cold and Flu

Hello Students and Visitors!

As classes are cancelled due to social distancing protocols to protect everyone, I have been thinking of how I can be of service during these “interesting” times.  To that end, I have created this web page dedicated to assisting people to stay healthy during these times.  I have created a series of exercise videos which will assist you to maintain the health of your lungs and kidneys, and two videos, including a set of prescription exercises if you already have symptoms of cold and/or flu.  These exercises can be used at any time, and particularly around cold and flu season.

The videos have not been edited – this is my first time at the online video rodeo, so thank you in advance for your patience! You will find the links to these Youtube videos below.  My gratitude and thanks to Bonnie Hayes for her assistance in creating and filming these videos. Videos were created based on information found in The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine, authored by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson.

I will also be uploading some guided meditations to help relieve stress, and to build up the body’s energy and vitality. I hope you find all of these resources helpful and useful, now and into the future.

Many blessings of peace and light,