Transition to Fall…


Welcome, we are most appreciative of your visit to this website. As we transition from summer to fall, it is time for us to return to “school”, and we offer the following courses and seminars for you to consider:

Late Summer Qigong Intensive: EARTH ELEMENT (spleen, stomach)

Friday September 18 and all day Saturday September 19, 2020 – IN PERSON, at Trickle Creek Lodge. Investment: $119. Please contact Caroline ASAP to register, 250 427 6474 or email

Medical Qigong Practitioner course: 4 seminar series, with Seminar 1, Part 1 beginning September 25, ONLINE. Please contact Caroline for more information, a description page will be added shortly. If you want to add qigong skills to your life, and/or to your current healing practice, and spiritual growth is of interest to you, please consider joining us for this series! Investment: $800 per seminar – 40 hours for each seminar, includes handouts, recorded videos, opportunity to practice; lots of opportunity to practice and experience energy and energy healing.

Medical Qigong Therapist program – for those who have completed the practitioner course above…begins October 30, 2020. Contact Caroline for more information and to register.

Fall Qigong Intensive: METAL ELEMENT (lungs, large intestine)

Friday November 13 and all day Saturday November 14, 2020 – IN PERSON, at Trickle Creek Lodge. Investment: $119. Please contact Caroline ASAP to register, 250 427 6474 or email

Advanced Channeling: for those who have taken introductory Learning to Channel course and want to hone their channeling skills and/or have a chance to practice. Investment: $199. All day December 12, and 13 – IN PERSON (may shift to ONLINE if needed), at Trickle Creek Lodge. Contact Caroline to register.

Learning to Channel: to be determined, depending on interest. Course will be held in Cranbrook.

Online Classes: via Zoom, begin October 1, 2020. Investment will vary per month, as some have 4 weeks and some have 5 – for October and December, 5 sessions, $55; November – 4 sessions, $44. Classes are 60 minutes with opportunities for a short question and answer period after class, and are recorded for your convenience. Please contact Caroline to register, and once investment is made, a Zoom link will be sent your email address.

We look forward to serving you and seeing you in the near future!

Questions or comments?

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