Upcoming Courses/Seminars – Fall 2017


Hello!  I hope you are enjoying the warmth, the light, and the joy of these beautiful summer days!  I am heading off to New York for the Immortal Sisters conference in Phoenicia at the end of August, and land back here in September to hit the ground running!

The Summer Qigong Intensive was held at the Aboriginal Gathering Place on the campus of the College of the Rockies on June 24 and 25th – it was AWESOME…the participants enjoyed beautiful weather, a beautiful space, and the beauty of each other’s company!   Each person was able to experience the energy of the Fire Element, and determine whether it was bountiful or deficient within them – ways to better balance the fire element were then shared with the participants.

The next seminar in the Five Element series of Qigong intensives will be held at the College of the Rockies on September 9 and 10, 2017 – Late Summer, and the Earth Element, with a focus on the Spleen and Stomach organs.  For more information, and to register, please click here.

Also starting in September is the first seminar of the Medical Qigong Practitioner level series.  There will be an information/question and answer opportunity about the upcoming seminar series, on Thursday, August 17, 7:00-9:00 pm, at the Trickle Creek Lodge in Kimberley.  Please email me if you are interested, and I will forward you a document outlining the details of the training.

Questions or comments?

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