January 2017 – Happy New Year!


I haven’t added a new post for over a year….it was almost exactly a year ago today I was shocked to learn my Mother had just been diagnosed with lung cancer.  She left the earthly plane approximately six weeks later.  So imagine my surprise when I realized this Christmas holiday was the most peaceful and serene I had ever experienced.  How is this possible, I asked myself, after such a devastating loss?

This year has been one of the hardest years of my life; it has shaken me to the very core of who I am – or rather, who I thought I was.  Somehow though, I am in a better place than I was before. I have more peace, more joy, more clarity regarding who I am and what I came here to do.  It is through the darkness I felt and experienced after my mother’s death that I found more light; indeed, I found MY light.

We have a choice in each moment of who we want to be when faced with tough situations like this.  These tough times, times of darkness, despair, frustration, and loss, they polish us; they give us an opportunity to grow, to learn, to feel, heal and transform…without the darkness, how would we ever be able to see the light?

I am sitting in a place of deep gratitude for my Mom – all the strengths, beliefs, virtues, and gifts she passed on to me, and all the things I learned from her.  I know what she sacrificed for me and my siblings….how hard she worked to give us the life she did….and how much she loved us!  She feels closer to me, is with me more, now that she is gone than when she was alive.  I understand that death does not separate us, and love continues well beyond the end of physical being-ness. So perhaps that is where the sense of peace and joy comes from – knowing we are never truly apart from our loved ones, and knowing in darkness, there is an opportunity to find and experience more light, more love, more joy than we could have thought possible. In the darkness is an opportunity to heal.


“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly” Lao Tzu

This has been a year of tremendous shift and change, and this change continues to guide and move me through 2017.  I am being called work differently – less weekly classes, more seminars, more online sessions, and a focus towards spiritual and soul work – helping people increase consciousness, and live from their heart, with joy!  Not sure what that looks like yet, but am excited at this change in direction – it feels more aligned with who I am.

I am really enjoying teaching medical qigong/shamanic chinese medicine seminars – stay tuned for possible dates for the fall!  It is extremely satisfying to help others learn about the process of spiritual cultivation and healing.

In the near future, I am looking forward to starting post-graduate shamanic chinese medicine seminars with my teacher Wendy Lang this March.  I am also going to New York this summer to attend the Immortal Sisters Conference in August – to meet like-minded Taoist sisters and find out what others are doing in the Qigong, Tai Chi world.

Blessings for a year filled with love, peace, light and prosperity!


Questions or comments?

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