November 2015

Evolution of Consciousness

Medical Qigong is a wonderful transformative practice, with the underlying intent of developing greater consciousness, or awareness, of what is happening in our bodies, our minds, and our feeling and spiritual worlds.  Stagnation, or blockages, in our spiritual and energetic fields and bodies can manifest into dis-ease in our physical bodies, or at the least, rob us of important vitality – it is important to have a way to connect with these aspects of our being so we can transform any energy that blocks us from manifesting our true beauty and light into the world.

I’ve spent the latter half of my life trying to understand what Consciousness is, what it means, how to define it, how to gain it and how to help others understand it.  In addition to Medical Qigong, and courses in Channeling and Mediumship, I have also been studying the Lightbody, with wonderful results.  Lightbody meditations are designed to bring awareness to the energetic aspects of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves, and how to bring more light into all of these parts of us.  I attended the most recent Lightbody Meditation (held every April and October in Medford, Oregon) and came away feeling lighter and more energized after three days of meditation.

Imagine my surprise when, after my return, I started to experience intense anxiety.  I questioned my studies, I questioned my abilities, I was questioning whether or not all my efforts to develop consciousness were in vain, as I was feeling more anxious than I had ever felt in my entire life!  Then, it hit me…..

The consciousness I was gaining was what was making me aware of the anxiety!  I likely experienced anxiety all the time, but was so skillful at applying the masks I used to cover it that I was hardly ever aware of it! Until now.  Now I had to face it…now I could face it, because I could feel it.  I marvelled at the strength of the masks I had used to conceal it, and to avoid feeling it.

We have a saying in Qigong, “you have to feel it to heal it”.  It is an important part of classes and of sessions.  For real transformation to occur, the journey will be at times joyous and at other times, uncomfortable and difficult.  I wish you blessings of peace and love through these times, as you bring light to the dark corners we all have.


Winter is coming, a time for quiet contemplation.


All classes in Cranbrook and Kimberley are running – please see Classes and Services for times and locations.  I am available for individual sessions in Cranbrook and Kimberley.

I am offering package deals for sessions, as one session is usually insufficient to create the transformation people seek; regular attendance at classes is recommended and is much more economical, but I have tried to make the sessions more economical for regular clients as well.

The Winter Intensive – Water Element, is fast approaching – it is being held January 29 and January 30, 2016, at the College of the Rockies in Cranbrook.  Please register early to avoid disappointment, we have sold out the last two intensives.

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to seeing you soon!




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