Masters of Medical Qigong

MMQ Certificate

Masters of Medical Qigong, IIMQ, May 2015

I am happy to say that I have meet all the requirements for the 1000-hour Masters of Medical Qigong from the International Institute of Medical Qigong! It feels like it was earned, and I am proud to have qualified for it. However, it in no way means the learning has ended. 1000 hours, and in many ways, it still feels like I am just beginning. There is so much information to take in! Acupuncture points, treatment protocols, exercise prescriptions, oh my!

My husband has a theory about mastery….what mastery is, and what a master is. Masters are always practicing; masters put what they know into practice, and are constantly learning through constantly making mistakes. He calls it “experimenting”. Being a master is not about achieving perfection….masters make mistakes, masters sometimes fail, masters have enough knowledge to know what they don’t know. As my masters degree adviser at the University of Victoria, Dr. Howie Wenger, used to say, “the more you know, the more you know you don’t know”. I am at the stage of knowing what I don’t know! It is not knowledge alone but knowledge and practice combined that create the right conditions for mastery to occur. It is a work in progress, which requires diligent and consistent practice and effort. I will continue to add knowledge and continue to practice, to be worthy of this designation, and worthy of the trust put in me by the students who come to my classes and the clients who lie on my treatment table.


Note: please watch for upcoming courses, including fall and winter intensives …stay tuned!

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