Allowing Our Greatest Potential to Emerge

Since the start of the New Year, I have been privileged to lead, channel, and be a part of many transformative classes and moments with my students. Just before the New Year, we listened to Orin’s Peace Meditation, and sent the peace we generated into the world to join the peace being created by thousands of others doing the same meditation.  At the end of January, the College of the Rockies hosted a Winter Qigong Intensive – held in the Aboriginal Gathering Place, 13 of us spent Friday evening and all day Saturday honoring the season of Winter and the water element, and re-charging our kidneys through deeply relaxing meditations, re-vitalizing exercises, and connecting to Mother Earth.  It was a powerful experience in a location where all felt supported by the energies gathered there.

Classes at Exhale Yoga studio continue – Tuesdays at 4:30 pm and Wednesdays at 10:00 am, with a new Qigong for Beginners class starting at the end of February, Fridays at 4:30 pm.  As well, there is a weekly class held at Centre 64 in Kimberley – Tuesday evenings at 6:45 pm.  Please feel free to attend any of the above classes!

I am enjoying doing individual treatments at Exhale Yoga Studio in Cranbrook, and at the Red House on Wallinger in Kimberley.  Depending on which class above you attend, there may be impromptu group treatments in class, depending on the needs of the group on that particular day.  I would like to leave you with a beautiful passage I found on the World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day website, regarding how transformative the practice of Qi Gong and Tai Chi can be….enjoy!

Allowing Our Greatest Potential to Emerge

When we hold on to fears, angers, or trivial obsessions, our mind tightens down, our health is diminished, and our vision squeezes to a tunnel vision, cut off from the flow of life. That’s how we “hold on” to things physically, physical things like forks, spoons, or baseballs, and so on, by squeezing them. And this is also how we hold on to thoughts and emotions—by tightening our consciousness around them. This in turn tightens our physical atoms of our body and being, which can translate into “pinched” nerves and high blood “pressure” as the mind tightens down the body. When we hold onto old stagnant images of ourselves, others, or the world, there is no room for new inspired images of reality to flow through us. Even though there is always a new, better reality wanting to emerge through our minds into the world all the time, this gripping of old reality keeps us tight. Tai Chi and QiGong are designed to teach us to breathe…and to let go…of everything our mind and heart hold on to, so fresh creative and inspired thoughts can continually flow through us. Just as that same loosening unlocks physical power.

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