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“I am having strange symptoms since I started coming to class….”

Photo by Nadina Stewart-Schaddelee  Moon Dance and February 17th 2009 011

Recently, one of the participants in my class expressed her observation that she had been experiencing noticeable and worrisome changes in her well-being since she started attending class.  She noted she was tired, needing more rest, and was more emotional than normal.  She wondered if she was doing something wrong.  I congratulated her and told her to keep up the good work!

As we start to work with building our Qi/energy and increasing its radiance and presence in our life, all energies that no longer resonate with the higher frequency we are building need to be purged.  Common manifestations of this include increased fatigue, increased emotionality (whether it be sadness, shame, guilt, chaos, doubt, fear, anger and irritation, and any other strong emotion or feeling), acne, boils and other types of skin eruptions, headaches, changes in the digestive system, changes in sleep patterns, and perhaps and overwhelming desire to run away from what is happening as fast as possible!  One starts to feel uncomfortable, and starts to doubt if Qigong is really “working”, because it feels like one is going backwards!

As I mention repeatedly to students, you should expect some of these things to occur, in addition to all the wonderful benefits derived from coming to classes.  In addition to feeling calmer, having moments of greater peace and clarity, experiencing greater harmony and energy, and creating a connection to all the energy around us in Nature, there will be times that are more challenging, as the repressed thoughts, feelings and emotions we have stuffed inside come to the surface to be acknowledged and released.  Remember, “you have to feel it to heal it”.  Be with what arises – observe it with curiosity and a sense of wonder and detachment; see what it has to teach you, and then easily and effortlessly let it go.  Thank it for the wisdom you gained from it, and let it go.  As you do this repeatedly, you will understand that the experiences which felt most trying and most difficult at the time reveal the biggest lessons and gifts.

So, instead of anticipating with dread what might come up next, look forward with hope and excitement to see what will be revealed next for you to heal and transform!

Blessings of Love and Light,