September 2014 news

Wow, lots has happened since the last time I wrote….in June, I completed my 12th and final Medical Qigong seminar, earning the designation Master of Medical Qigong from Empty Mountain Institute. Four years, 1000 hours, many clients, and many classes later, the experience has been transformative, beyond my wildest imagination!

I have learned as much or more from my clients and students than they have learned from me, I’m sure of that.  I look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

Class Schedule:

Exhale Yoga Studio, Cranbrook:  ongoing classes on Tuesdays at 4:30, and 10:00 am on Wednesdays

New Fall Classes:

Centre 64, Kimberley:  Thursdays, 5:15 pm, starting September 25, 2014

College of the Rockies, Cranbrook:  Qigong Series – Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Spiritual; dates for the series: Wednesdays, starting November 5, 2014 for four weeks; second of the series starts February 25, 2015 for four weeks; third session starts May 6, 2015; click here for more information



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