November 24, 2013 news – Self-Reflection

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Self-reflection is a powerful tool for transformation, as long as we are willing and committed to seeing the truth, and have the tools we need to make the changes required to move forward.  I recently gained such tools, and would love to share them with you….please read on…..

During the week of November 11, 2013, I went to Vancouver to attend the 11th of 12 Medical Qigong seminars, to learn about the Treatment of Spiritual Disorders.  All of my cohorts and I were nervous, to say the least – a lot of the prior reading was about ridding ourselves and others of demons.  We worked ourselves up by visualizing big scary monsters, nasty, evil characters who harm innocent beings.  However, what we learned was that were are all plagued with demons – those stubborn core beliefs and attachments that prevent us from changing, from moving forward, that keep us chained to the past.  And that it is darkness that allows the emergence of the brightest light to illuminate our path forward.

If you had asked me before I left for Vancouver, I would have told you I had been faithfully doing my qigong practice and there was probably not a lot of further negative energy that needed to be cleared.  I could be nervous about going, but secure in the thought that the seminar was going to be about what was plaguing OTHER people – not me.  I could not have been more incorrect.  We (my cohort and I) discovered beliefs within us designed to keep us small, like we would be safer if we stayed behind versus leading, we would not be able to handle more light, others around us would feel less if we were more, we had to suffer in order to help others, or we carried the weight of the world on our shoulders….these beliefs block the Light of our Being from shining into the world.  Through treatments, we learned how to counteract these beliefs so they could be released, and receive the blessing and message releasing these negative energies left behind.

How does one tell if one is being plagued by a spiritual illness?

  • one predominant and on-going negative emotion, such as sadness, anger or rage, worry, fear, or depression pervades one’s life
  • the majority of thoughts one has are those which keep one small or keep one safe from imaginary dangers
  • one has a chronic health condition which does not respond to treatment
  • one has a recurring theme of repeatedly making the same mistake
  • at times, one is sometimes taken over by something they cannot control

So, back to self-reflection; it takes brutal honesty with ourselves to admit we are being “run” by unconscious thoughts that may originate from past lives, or our parents or other family members, or other energies we are not even aware of.  How does our birth order, family conditions, or a history of abuse, affect who we are and what we think?  Personally, I learned I chose to believe I had to be less powerful in order to be safe; I learned I make a lot of decisions on the basis of being a good sister or good daughter or good friend instead of what I may really want; I believed I couldn’t be trusted to speak the truth without harming others; and finally, I believed I alone carried the weight of the world on my shoulders – no wonder they hurt!  In addition, I learned I was unconsciously being controlled by a fear from a previous life – a fear of a painful death as a result of being eaten alive by a bear; this was transformed into the birth of a beautiful new relationship with nature.  These were the most intense and transformational five days of my entire life.

If this post resonates with you, and you would like to explore transforming your own fears and beliefs further, please contact me and I would be happy to assist you.

Questions or comments?

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