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July 13 – Medical Qigong Poetry

Please enjoy this wonderful, heart-felt and meaning-filled poem, written by a client, poet/artist and friend, Kimberly Richards, after a recent Medical Qigong treatment:
Cut off 
Cut off in the middle
numb to my being
my searching
my longing
numb to my earth connection
legs like lead
lead me through the valleys
always the valleys
too tired for mountains
drifting along numb to my

my being love
my being valued
my being enough

plagued by my innocent
                      heart-crying out
desire to never be born
desire for a different family
desire to be my OWN individual
to be seen
to be missed
to be visible

yet even now You confirm
my feeling of nothingness
of invisibility
of being a mere shadow

in the depths he serves his purpose
creates a wall
a wall of escape
escape from pain
escape from confusion
a numbing to this suffering

safe inside the cold wet
chamber of peace
lit by my candle
yet brighter than any man-made object could be
a Divine healing light
beams through a heart-shaped, opaque window
a window to my soul
my all encompassing
wildflowers bloom
butterflies flutter
a peace beyond the worldly realm
and a tender calm
held in a Divine meadow of love.
Yet I’m stuck
stuck behind the shield
A self-made shield
that appears to barely hang on
doesn’t budge an inch
It looks
and old.

A heavy darkness envelops my being
oppresses my breath
suffocates my soul

Gratitude is voiced
voiced from my mind
and nothing shifts.

The heaviness weighs on my soul.

Gratitude is voiced
voiced from my BEing
My aware-of- the- DivineBEing
my being of love
my being of worth
of longing
of pain.

Slowly the weight lifts
leaving nothing
leaving a hole of nothing
he doesn't go far
he lingers
he sidesteps
he grasps for a hold
a hold in my mind
my thinking fear-based mind

Waves of not enough-ness
of shame
of loneliness
of fear
seize me through my core
sting my eyes
like sharp tiny needles
and secure an anxious, queasy grip on
my soul.

But I’m not alone
I’m surrounded by love
A love I can call
A love which when shown
When shown by another - another Divine-Being
removes my shields
my armour
my not enough-ness
my brokenness.

Through my angst
I feel a Divine peace
a Divine warmth fills my being
I surrender
I trust
I lay back into a web of Divine, holy-lit love
I am held
held in a sea of heavenly love.
He loses his grip
his hard fought thirty-year grip
As his darkness lifts
my body floats
floats in the arms of Divinity
Light fills my nothingness
My invisibility
My smallness
Encased in a cocoon of Divine light
- all is well with my soul.