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June 2013 news


Happy June!  What a great few months it has been!  Had the pleasure of teaching the first Qigong for Breast Health class at the Cranbrook campus of the College of the Rockies this spring – what a powerful course this was, and what a powerful way to move stale, stuck emotional energy!

In March, I attended a practitioner level course as a TA for my teacher, Wendy Lang.  It was wonderful to review and learn the same thing with a different group of people.  To add to my skills, I took a channeling class that month as well – a powerful experience, to say the least!

In May I resumed my qigong studies, starting the Masters of Medical Qigong program (MMQ 9) – amazing seminar!  We learned many things, including how to work with the energy of the sun, the moon, the planets and the Big Dipper, dream analysis, working with the energetic essences of trees and plants, and divination using the I Ching and other methods.

In June, I attended a three day medical qigong clinic – offering services to the public for a nominal fee of $10 donation.  Was able to work with those with challenging mental and spiritual health issues, as well as cancer.  As part of my certification requirements, I am looking for individuals with challenging conditions such as cancer, to do a case study.  Anyone who is interested in being part of a case study, or who knows someone with a challenging medical condition who might be interested, can contact me any time.

The next MMQ seminar is in September, and I can hardly wait!  Hope you are all well and good.

Peace and light,