February 2013 news


I am so excited to say I received the designation of Medical Qigong Therapist from the International Institute of Medical Qigong, as of January 1, 2013.  I  completed 500 recognized hours of training and diligently work towards the next 500 hours, after which I will be designated a Master of Medical Qigong.  Our last year has been delayed slightly, but will resume again this May.  I have continued to study and review, and am pleased to say I am now averaging two to four treatments per week, in addition to the classes.   I have started taking Tai Chi classes to fulfill requirements for the next level, and recently completed a three-day course called, “Archetypes of Understanding: Five Elements and Fulfilling Personal Destiny”, taught by Dr. Samantha Jennings.  I learned about the five primary constitutional types, and how we cope with the challenges and gifts each of these constitutional types bring.  If anyone is interested, I can assist you to complete the questionnaire to help you understand your primary constitutional type, what strategies you developed to cope with this type, and how you can move forward to deal with challenges which arise.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the qigong exercise classes in helping people – very noticeable and validated shifts in energy, mood, and physical well-being, and I wonder how much more powerful it would be if people could practice daily instead of weekly!  As I explain to the students, the exercises are like prescription medicine – the “medication” works best if taken regularly, and as prescribed.   I am excited about offering a new class for the enhancement of breast health, and look forward to teaching a future class for those women suffering from menstrual issues.

Thanks to everyone for your support in 2012, and I look forward to serving you in 2013!

Blessings of Qi and Light,


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