Monthly Archives: February 2012

February Update

Hello!  Happy February!  I am happy to report I received my Medical Qigong Practitioner certificate from the International Institute of Medical Qigong last month (to see a copy, go to About Caroline and choose Certificates).  I am currently working on completing the Medical Qigong Therapist certification.  It is a 500-hour program, with examinations and requirements to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine and perform a certain number of treatments. 

To that end, I attended a 50-hour Oriental Medicine course in Vancouver this January, taught by Dr. Samantha Jennings, RAc, doctor of TCM.  We learned a great deal about the Extraordinary Vessels, and reviewed Yin and Yang differentiation, the 8 Guiding principles of TCM, and internal and external disease factors.  I now have some new tools to use in my treatments!

Classes are going well! At Exhale Yoga in Cranbrook, 14 people registered for the 6-week class for Stress Reduction and Relaxation, which is finished next week.  The Qigong Healing Workout class at the College of the Rockies, which started on Tuesday, February 21, is full at 16 participants!  At Mountain Pose Yoga and Wellness Studio, our numbers have been steady – we will be offering a new class, “Qigong Self-Massage for Health“, for the month of April, starting April 5.

That’s it for now, check back soon!